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A Humane & Effective Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder Based in Hawley, Pennsylvania

Squirrel Boss Bird Feeder™, a product that PAYS FOR ITSELFSquirrel Boss is the World's First INTERACTIVE, squirrel-proof bird feeder. That's right; it's REMOTE CONTROLED, from INSIDE THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME. Got a squirrel problem with your bird feeder? Most people do!!!  Squirrel Boss will save the lives of millions of squirrels by giving people the choice to let them feed or keep them away. You're THE BOSS now! 

Mother's Day and Father's Day are just around the corner. This is a gift for "Someone who has Everything". Now MOM and DAD can be THE BOSS of the bird feeder

Just press the remote control, and the offending squirrel gets a harmless static shock correction that is similar to walking across the carpet and then touching something. It "tingles," but it doesn't hurt you. 

Your Squirrel Boss shipment contains:

• Feed Tube
• A/C Charger
• Remote Control
• Batteries
• Remote Control Holder
• Stainless Steel Feeding Stations

The Squirrel Boss
GIFT for s
omeone who has everything!  Retired people love this product. Some people own 3. And it PAYS FOR ITSELF with the seed you will save.  It is built to last using stainless steel metal parts and time-tested and proven electrical parts.

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