Easy Instructions

Squirrel Boss Bird Feeders™ From Hawley, Pennsylvania

squirrel boss instructions


It is very important to charge the roof overnight OR at least 8 hours before use. Charge the roof using the A/C charger included. Never use other chargers. It is recommended that you hang the Squirrel Boss 20 inches or more from the side of the feeder to the tree trunk or other surfaces. It is recomended that you store the remote control and A/C charger inside the feed tube when you are not using the bird feeder.

The green light should not be illuminated in the OFF position. Always switch the roof to the OFF position whenever you handle the feed tube.

Example: Turn off when:

1. Refilling the feed tube 
2. Charging the roof
3. Before ever touching the feed tube
4. Cleaning


When charging is complete, install the roof by aligning the acorn nuts on the roof with the 2 holes in the top of the rim of the feed tube. Turn the roof clockwise until you feel it click into place. Do not hang the feeder closer than 20 inches from the side of a climbing surface the squirrel is using. If that is not possible, you can order the optional wired base for the feed tube.

To check the roof  for its charge, bring the remote control to the feeder.  Press the remote control and hold the button down for three seconds. If the red light next to the green light on the roof stays on and does not blink, the roof is good for another full day. Repeat this test whenever you think that the roof has lost its charge.

The roof will hold its charge for 7 days in the ON position if you follow these instructions.

If neither the green light nor the red light come on with the switch in the ON position, please repeat the charging process.

Do's and Don'ts

  • The roof is only water proof when it is hanging from its chain in the upright position.
  • Never expose the roof to the elements while it is upside down.
  • Never press the remote control when a person is touching the Squirrel Boss Bird Feeder.
  • Never use any part of the Squirrel Boss Bird Feeder in a way that does not conform to these instructions.
  • Do not expose the remote control to the elements.
  • Do not let children operate the Squirrel Boss Bird Feeder without adult supervision.
  • Always install the remote control hanger out of reach of children.
  • Please make a note of the number on the back of the remote control in case it is lost.
  • DO NOT submerge the roof in water or chemicals to clean it. Use a damp cloth.


Now you're ready. Wait til you see a squirrel on the bird feeder, then press the button to zap it off. Congratulations, you're the Squirrel Boss!

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