About Squirrel Boss

Squirrel Boss is the "Squirrel Zapper Bird Feeder"-TM All Rights Reserved, That you saw on ABC's Shark Tank and you heard about from your friends.describe the image

The Squirrel Boss bird feeder was born in the Poconos Honesdale region of Pennsylvania. It was here in this mountainous land of tall pines, wild birds and hungry squirrels that an aerospace professional had an idea for keeping squirrels off of his bird feeder. His enjoyment of avian wildlife was being hampered by the squirrels' lust for the seed. He wanted to teach the squirrels that the food wasn't for them, but he wanted to do it without hurting the little critters. After twenty-two months of accelerated wear testing in the four seasons of the Poconos, the first interactive, remote-controlled squirrel-proof bird feeder was born.




How the Squirrel Boss Bird Feeder Works

see squirrel boss bird beederThe squirrel receives what is similar to a static shock when a person presses the remote control. The remote's range is long enough to ensure it can be used from the comfort of your own home, and the mountable holder provides safe and secure storage. The Squirrel Boss makes you the boss. Let the squirrel have a light snack, and then send him on his way.

Squirrels dislike the sensation enough that after a few corrections they will stay away. The static shock is similar to walking across the carpet and then touching something. It is harmless, but you avoid it. So will the squirrels.

It's a beautiful thing. The end of one of life's most basic headaches - a squirrel on your bird feeder.

The Squirrel Boss' creator wanted the bird feeder to be safe while being totally effective - a way to show squirrels who's boss that animal-rights people and Wildlife Biologists to be proud to own. Too many squirrel-proofing alternatives prove to be harmful to the animals, but the Squirrel Boss is no more harmful than an electric fence for a dog.
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This premium product is built with the following time tested and proven parts:

  • Circuit Board     
  • Nickel Cadmium Rechargeable Battery
  • Durable Plastic Feed Tube     
  • Stainless Steel Conductors
  • Stainless Steel Feeding Stations

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